Follow the trail of a people searching for peace

Menno-Hof is a non-profit information center located in Shipshewana, Indiana, that teaches visitors about the faith and life of Amish and Mennonites.

Menno-Hof's multi-image presentations, historical environments and colorful displays take you on a fascinating journey inside the unique world of the Amish and Mennonites.

See where the Anabaptists had their beginning in a Swiss courtyard and how they were persecuted for their faith in the dungeon. Travel with the Anabaptists down the cobblestone streets of Holland and board a 17th century sailing boat on a journey to America and freedom.

Take the virtual tour for a glimpse of what Menno-Hof has to offer.


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Do the Amish use banks?
The story of Menno-Hof: Part I

In 1972 curiousity about the Amish, combined with a fledgling flea market, resulted in an increased number of tourists to the Shipshewana area. Several area pastors saw the need for a place like Menno-Hof and began working towards that end result. Read more.
barn raising The barn raising and beyond.
The story of Menno-Hof: Part II

In six days, 200 volunteers and an Amish crew raised the entire structure that is now Menno-Hof! 1,000 wooden pegs were used to pin the oak beams together. The length of the longest beam is 36 feet. It took two years to complete the inside. Read more.
gift shop Our gift shop features handcrafted items made by local Amish and Mennonites. Your purchase will support Menno-Hof as well as the Amish or Mennonite person that handcrafted the gift. We also carry a wide selection of books about Anabaptist faith and practices along with cookbooks and some children’s books. Gift certificates are available.
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